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Finding the Freshest Seafood at the Fish Market


Arranged in a neat row as well as shining under the glowing lights, that fillet of salmon appears okay, does not it? It is on the ice and the fishmonger told you that it is fresh, so she is apples, isn't it? According to a famous chef, "If you go to the supermarket and you want an apple or an orange, you touch it first, don't you? It's the same shit," and "Are you buying [that fish]? Tell them you want to sniff it - it might put their noses out of joint, but that's why you become a regular" he added.


he certainly has a point. When you are shelling out 15 dollars for just one fillet, or springing for an entire fish, you want to make an informed decision. The fish remains a weirdly stressful thing for a lot of home cooks and the array of snapper salmon tuna remains common, albeit yummy, comfort zone. And perhaps the glass cabinet serves as a barrier to branch out into various aquatic comestibles. "I tell people to take the romance out of it, and just use common sense," a chef said. "You've always got to make friends with your fishmonger. If you go for a whole fish, the gills should be bright red, the eyes should be bright and shiny, and the fish should be slimy all over - which means it's only been out of the water for a day - and there should be no odour." See homepage here!


"If the fish isn't fresh, they'll poke the eyes out. If you get a fish with no eyes or gills, there's a good chance that it's not fresh and it's been washed in water with vinegar to take the smell away." for the fillets, you certainly want to avoid any stickiness or slime, the texture must be firm. "For a piece of snapper, if there's no skin and the blood line is brown, it's an indication that's not fresh. Tuna should be a deep red vivid colour, again with zero aroma. Your nose is key." For more information, you may also visit https://www.britannica.com/topic/fishery.


The moment a fish is caught, there is a 2 days window to cook it. He looks for a red gills and silky slime. Prod the fish and reckon the mackerel. "It's quite still, so it's still in rigor mortis, which is a sign that it's really fresh. The ones up the back are softer, so it's likely that they are older." Just use a whole fish as almost all fishmongers will not dry fillet. Read more about seafood market here.